Membership FAQ

Does my membership belong to me, or to the organization I work for?
The Association of Fundraising Professionals is an individual membership organization. Organizations cannot join; only individual fundraisers can become members.

Does my membership stay with me if I switch organizations?
Yes. Because membership is assigned to the individual, members keep their membership if they switch jobs.

How much does membership cost?
When a member joins AFP, he or she joins both the international organization and a local chapter (exceptions exist if a chapter is not located close to the member). Thus, a member pays annual dues to both the International Headquarters and the chapter.

How much are the membership dues?
Your membership dues depend on the type of membership applicable to you. Members must self-assess to determine the type of membership for which they are eligible. Prospective members should self-determine the category of membership, and renewing members should review and reassess membership categories. Four categories of membership are available: Active, Retired, Introductory, and Associate. Descriptions are below.

How much are chapter dues?
Las Vegas Chapter dues are $50

How long does my membership last?
Your membership lasts 12 months, starting in the month you officially become a member.

Are there local member benefits?
Yes, aside from the numerous national benefits you will also receive chapter discounts on monthly meetings, trainings, job postings, and events.

AFP Membership Categories

ACTIVE MEMBER - $220.00 + $50 Las Vegas Chapter Dues

Active: Open to persons who have at least one year of experience at the time of application as fundraising professionals, are self-employed or associated with an organization, institution or firm and compensated for his/her services. Active members hold some degree of accountability for income generation within the philanthropic process; estimate at least a quarter of their time is spent on fundraising-related responsibilities; subscribe to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards ("Code") and its bylaws; promote the Donor Bill of Rights and, are employed or have been employed by an institution or organization that provides benefits to society.

INTRODUCTORY MEMBER - $100.00 + $50 Las Vegas Chapter Dues (Available to those new to AFP)

Introductory: Open to persons newly employed in the field; full-time students in a degree-granting, certificate or diploma program; members who work for grassroots organizations with an operating budget of $250,000 or less; executive directors who spend less than 25% of their time on fundraising related responsibilities; and volunteers. All must subscribe to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards and its bylaws, and promote the Donor Bill of Rights. Membership in this category is limited to a two-year duration.

ASSOCIATE - $220.00 + $50 Las Vegas Chapter Dues

Associate: May be extended to persons who are engaged in fields related to fundraising, volunteers, or those who have mutual interests with fundraising professionals, and who subscribe to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards and its bylaws; and promote the Donor Bill of Rights.

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